Sunday, May 14, 2006

Wedded bliss???

Why somebody would spend tens of thousands of dollars on a six-hour party to celebrate a union that has a survival rate of less than 50% is beyond me. But fortunately, most love-struck couples don't share my cynicism when it comes to weddings. Otherwise, I'd be out of a job.

Don't get me wrong: I'm a big proponent of marriage-done-right, with all the stability, support, self-esteem and love that it provides. But I contend that it's marriage which should be celebrated, not weddings.

Honestly, getting married is a piece of (wedding) cake. It's the "being married" bit which poses a challenge to most people...And here's why:

Getting married is about:
choosing colors,
selecting a delicious meal that will be served to you,
spending hours on your hair and makeup,
wearing an expensive white dress, and
being twirled on the dance floor.

Being married
is about:
compromising on the color of the walls, couch, car and just about everything else,
having to cook meals (while the baby cries, the phone rings and the dog rummages through the trash),
not having enough time or energy to even find your lipstick,
wearing jeans every day because you haven't shaved your legs in a month, and
twirling a mop on the kitchen floor (while the baby cries, the phone rings and the dog rummages through the trash).

And trust me, the outlook is just as rough for men...

We all agree that a wedding is a celebration of true love between two people.

I say: if these two people can stay together and love each other after years of burnt meals, hairy legs, widening mid-sections, unrestrained flatulence, repetitive arguments over vertical vs. horizontal positioning of the toilet seat, snoring and numerous other less-than-flattering human traits...Then by all means throw a party, because THAT'S true love!!!